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VirusLok Sneeze Guard - Acrylic Panel

  • Shop Sneeze Guards! Our VirusLok protective shields come in many stock sizes and have a slot at the bottom in order to allow money, papers, and I.D. to pass through without compromising safety. Built using a heavy gauge aluminum extrusion with a clear Acrylic panel, they are perfectly suitable for office cubicle partitions, desks, conference rooms, point of sale locations, cashiers, registers, and any businesses that require customer-facing interactions. Keep your employees safe and your business running!

  • 1 INCH SLOT OR MORE - Allow money or documents to pass through without compromising safety. Adjustable height available for select models.

    STURDY MATERIALS - Built using a heavy gauge anodized aluminum extrusion and with a 3/16” clear Acrylic panel

    MODULAR DESIGN - Can be made to order in just about any configuration you desire. Made in the U.S. Contact us for custom sizes.

  • Panel- 30"W x 24"H 
    Panel- 30"W x 30"H 
    Panel- 30"W x 36"H 
    Panel- 24"W x 24"H 
    Panel- 24"W x 30"H 
    Panel- 24"W x 36"H 

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