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Yes. If fact we have a quick form that helps with exactly that. You can go directly HERE.

We have in stock the 6 regular sizes. For custom sizes or custom designs like corner modules we work on a first come first serve basis to fulfill the demand.

We ship all over the world. Shoot us a message to get an accurate shipping estimate. We offer FREE SHIPPING for US orders for any order of 10 products or more.


We have several designs with standard panel sizes and we can also build custom designs like the cornel model. Also, we have a module with adjustable height to accommodate for a larger slot(for passing money, documents, etc) safely.

They are modular in a way that they can be arranged side by side to cover longer areas. There is no limit to how many modules can be used together. We also have CORNER modules that can be used in addition to regular panels.

There is an undeniable increase in demand for products that promote safety. But that's not necessarily a bad thing.


We accept all major credit cards and wire transfers.